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BOOLEY on Vudu!

The early Potent Media film BOOLEY is now available on VUDU! Check it out today!
Jul 17 2013.
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APOCALYPSE KISS trailer debut!

Check it out now!
Jun 21 2013.
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After a marathon shooting session over the last week, APOCALYPSE KISS has completed principal photography!

Follow our Facebook for up-to-the-minute updates! Lots of interesting pictures there about the film. Watch this space for updates on when APOCALYPSE KISS will be screening.
Apr 2 2013.
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DEER CROSSING available on Netflix DVD!

Get it now!
Apr 2 2013.
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APOCALYPSE KISS begings filming!

The newest Potent Media film, APOCALYPSE KISS, has started filming!

Follow our Facebook for updates!
Feb 21 2013.
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DEER CROSSING now available in the Potent store!

DEER CROSSING is now available to purchase on DVD, right here on
Just click the link for the Store and ready yourself to experience the horror of Lukas Walton and his depraved world.

Jan 3 2013.
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DEER CROSSING available on REDBOX now!

Get it now!
Dec 13 2012.
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BOOLEY is finally available!

People may have obtained the limited-edition disc from us a while back, but BOOLEY is finally seeing wide release!

Get your copy from Brain Damage Films today!

Oct 25 2012.
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