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BOOLEY on Vudu!

The early Potent Media film BOOLEY is now available on VUDU! Check it out today!
Jul 17 2013.

APOCALYPSE KISS trailer debut!

Check it out now!
Jun 21 2013.


After a marathon shooting session over the last week, APOCALYPSE KISS has completed principal photography!

Follow our Facebook for up-to-the-minute updates! Lots of interesting pictures there about the film. Watch this space for updates on when APOCALYPSE KISS will be screening.
Apr 2 2013.

DEER CROSSING available on Netflix DVD!

Get it now!
Apr 2 2013.

APOCALYPSE KISS begings filming!

The newest Potent Media film, APOCALYPSE KISS, has started filming!

Follow our Facebook for updates!
Feb 21 2013.

DEER CROSSING now available in the Potent store!

DEER CROSSING is now available to purchase on DVD, right here on
Just click the link for the Store and ready yourself to experience the horror of Lukas Walton and his depraved world.

Jan 3 2013.

DEER CROSSING available on REDBOX now!

Get it now!
Dec 13 2012.

CARNIVAL OF HORRORS returns! Get your short film exposure!

Check out the full press release on Horror Society!
Roxsy wants your indie short films!
Dec 5 2012.

BOOLEY press - a review from A Little!

A Little Dead Podcast featuring a review of BOOLEY, now available from Brain Damage Pictures on DVD!
Nov 22 2012.

Carmela Hayslett in a new film - SHERIFF TOM VS THE ZOMBIES!

Check out the trailer here:
Featuring our very own Roxsy Tyler, Carmela Hayslett, and also featuring Lloyd Kaufman, one of the upcoming stars of APOCALYPSE KISS!
Nov 22 2012.

Another bombshell casting announcement for APOCALYPSE KISS!

From our friends over at JoBlo:
Michael Berryman!
Jump over and check it out!
Nov 22 2012.

Fundraiser for APOCALYPSE KISS!

From our friends over at Horror Society:
Concert fundraiser for Potent Media on 12/1/12!
Nov 22 2012.


Potent Media is proud to announce that acclaimed director Lloyd Kaufman and Playboy model Tammy Jean have joined APOCALYPSE KISS!

Check out the full press release at Horror Society!

Nov 6 2012.

Yet more Booley press!

Check out this article from our friends over at Play with Death about Booley!

Aug 24 2010.

Another radio interview with Mr. Potent

Check out an interview with Mr. Potent about BOOLEY, DEER CROSSING, and everything!

Link here.

It was the 10/11/12 show.
Oct 31 2012.

Interview with Mr. Potent about BOOLEY!


Check it out for everything you always wanted to know about BOOLEY!
Oct 26 2012.

BOOLEY is finally available!

People may have obtained the limited-edition disc from us a while back, but BOOLEY is finally seeing wide release!

Get your copy from Brain Damage Films today!

Oct 25 2012.

Mr. Potent and Roxsy did a radio show!

On Fearcast!

Oct 17 2012.


Ranked 213 on the IMDB the week of release.
Getting press and reviews all around the US and abroad.
Have you bought your copy yet? The DVD will be for sale on this very site very soon and experience "a new terror classic", as one review noted.
Oct 16 2012.


Review at Gruesome Hertzogg

Oct 16 2012.


Review at VideoViews.

Cinedelphia review.
Sep 27 2012.

APOCALYPSE KISS TEASER IS UP! Article at Horror Society

CHECK IT OUT! Article at Horror Society:
Witness the Apocalypse.
Aug 28 2012.


July 16th, 2012 - Actor and voice-over artist D.C. Douglas, famous as the voice of iconic video game characters such as Albert Wesker (Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, Resident Evil 5) and Legion (Mass Effect 3), has joined the cast of Potent Media's new film "Apocalypse Kiss".
Douglas will be taking on the lead role of Adrian a.k.a The Red Harvest Killer in this oppressive sci-fi thriller being filmed in the first quarter of 2013. Douglas has recently been featured in shows such as "Two Broke Girls" and "Workaholics", among others. Douglas has been a supporter of Potent Media (the production company responsible for "Deer Crossing", which hits DVD on September 25th, 2012) for some time, and is excited to take on the role of Adrian, a serial killer with obsessive compulsive disorder.

Check out his official website at for more info on D.C.
Jul 17 2012.

Editing in full swing!

Just back from the editing suite - over 1 hour of scenes are fully put together, and the film looks great! The trailers are fantastic - those that are able to make it out to the party on the 16th of July are in for a real treat. Can't wait to see you there. -John
Jun 24 2010.

Welcome to the NEW Potent Pictures!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new Potent Pictures website! Most sections are still under construction, but with the advent of BOOLEY on the horizon, we wanted to get one definitive place on the web for all your Potent Pictures information. Updates will be ongoing. Thanks for your patience. - John
Jun 24 2010.


The rumor mill is spinning that filming may begin on a new Teddy B adventure this summer. The script is still tightly under wraps, but early word is that this will be the most action-packed Teddy adventure yet. -John
Jun 29 2010.


This happened back in April, but it has been a personal dream of mine to have a project that was featured in Fangoria Magazine. Well, the next best thing did happen - it was featured on the Fangoria site! - John Enjoy this article about BOOLEY: FANGORIA Booley article!
Jul 12 2010.

Wrap party over! Trailer up now. Next stop - completing the film.

Just want to say that it was great seeing everybody who made it out to the screening last night, even if I didn't get to say more than hello to a majority of you. These events just seem to fly by! The trailer is now up on the main page. The movie is coming along well. We are still targeting late summer for the rough edit. Keep your eyes peeled here (and the Facebook) for info on when we will have the cast and crew screening. - John
Jul 17 2010.

BOOLEY - on the radio (Internet)!

It is very last minute - but feel free to join Tom Detrik, Mr. Potent, and the Doctor on Volta Radio, with super host Cindy. TONIGHT 7/20/10, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm EST Hope to hear from you! - John
Jul 20 2010.

Welcome to the NEW Potent Again

So, we had a slight site re-design. Everything should be up and working right now, so check it out. - John
Aug 13 2010.

MonsterMania and Piranha 3D!

It was great to see everyone at MonsterMania this past weekend! Mr. Potent and Roxsy Tyler were showing off the trailer for BOOLEY to the world, with the assistance of Johnny 13 and his lovely assistant. The positive response just makes me want to get the movie out faster! The first cut of the film is nearly done, so watch this space for an announcement about cast and crew screenings. Also, if you are a fan of horror films, please get out and see Piranha 3D in the theater. It was a fun film that delivers everything you would expect from a movie about killer fish. DEFINITELY not for the kids - as the poor bastards behind us found out at the screening I attended. - John
Aug 23 2010.

The Potent Archives - Philadelphia newspapers mention!

Thanks to Dan Gross for this press release on BOOLEY! (text listed here to preserve it after the link goes dead)

"In other movie news . . .

Writer/director Christian Jude Grillo is about to wrap "Booley," his first feature film, which has been shooting here for a few weeks. The "comical psychological thriller" features porn starlet Gina Lynn as a high school student and Howard Stern show regulars Richard Christy as a drug dealer and Sal the Stockbroker as a nosy neighbor. The film stars Tom Detrik as Angus Booley, a poor schlub who tries to better himself by following a self-help guru played by local actor Christopher Mann, whose credits include HBO's "The Wire." "Jersey Justice" director John Charles Hunt plays a detective in the film, which Grillo hopes to get into festivals."

Original link: DAN GROSS STORY
Aug 24 2010.

Yet more Potent press and accolades!

A review of previous Potent projects!
Thanks to This is Some Scene.

DVFF award list. The Wish was an award-winner at this festival.
Aug 26 2010.

BOOLEY is everywhere!

Check out the trailer and a few blurbs at Fatally!

And at BOOLEY!

BOOLEY can't be stopped! Look for the rampage to continue...
Aug 27 2010.

Roxsy Tyler gets some press!

The rise of the horror host is on long before we see a syndicated show of this type again? There has to be a film package out there that is DYING to have a presentation of this kind. Read the story

Sep 24 2010.

Check out 9-Ball! A new movie starring one of the BOOLEY cast members

Word has reached Mr. Potent that Jennifer Butler, recently seen in shows such as AMC's Rubicon and CBS' Blue Bloods, has a new film that she will be appearing in, 9-Ball. Check out their official site at Set in the world of competitive pool, it looks to be one of the hottest releases of 2011. Additionally, our producer John Kent is going to be assisting the production in an official capacity, after a recent visit to the production. Go Potent!
Oct 2 2010.

At last! BOOLEY screenings!

To all cast, crew and friends! The time has finally arrived - BOOLEY is unleashed!
Screenings will occur in Philadelphia, one-night-only, on Saturday 11/13/10!
Check out the official Facebook for more details, or e-mail me at for details.
Oct 18 2010.


Our ace fx/digital man David Gechman has worked on another project that needs your support.

The promotional trailer from Prophase music+film for Henderson Pond has just launched on YouTube, featuring camerawork,editing, and vfx work by David Gechman, from an original screenplay by John P. Begley. Directed by John P. Begley.

Check out the teaser trailer for HENDERSON POND here: BEWARE THE POND
Nov 3 2010.


Hey everybody,
we are only a short time away from the big-screen debut of BOOLEY! Some reminders about the screenings:
One of the problems with the Devon Theater is that they do not have attached dedicated parking. The theater is located at 6333 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19135.
You can park on the streets around the theater.
There is also a lot located one block away from the theater at the Ethan Allen school, located at Levick and Battersby. We have permission to park there through an agreement with the theater.

Concessions - we will have soda and snacks for sale. All proceeds help Potent Pictures directly, so consume mass quantities!
We will also have limited-edition BOOLEY merchandise such as mini-posters and bumper stickers. Show your support for BOOLEY and buy some at the screening.
Can't wait to see everyone out there. We think we have something special to show you that was well worth the time of everyone who has supported us along the way.
Nov 8 2010.

BOOLEY gets yet more press in local Philadelphia newspapers

Check out this article which was in all of the Philadelphia neighborhood papers last week: BOOLEY Article Since I have run into an issue with the story, one point of clarity - Carmela Hayslett did not work on THE WISH. That was a misunderstanding by the writer of the article. I hope to have the online version of this changed this week. Potent Pictures apologizes for any misunderstanding.
Nov 17 2010.

BOOLEY - the screening aftermath!

Wow. I can't believe it is over!
Seems like we spent months getting to the screening, and it was over in a flash.
BOOLEY was shown to the public (a select few, not the general population) this past weekend, and people had a good time.
It was a blast to see everyone out there. I'm sorry I didn't get to spend a ton of time with anyone, but it was over in a flash.

Now, what can you do now as a BOOLEY fan? Just keep BOOLEY alive. Repost the links. Make quips about BOOLEY anywhere you visit on the internet. Put the link in your internet signature. Talk about it in radio and print interviews. Now that you know what BOOLEY is, help promote it.
This is just the middle of the is our hope that BOOLEY is a household name in the near future.
Keep your fingers crossed, thanks for your support, and remember the words of Jack Harrington: "You are the hammer...and they are the nails." -John K.
Nov 17 2010.

Roxsy Tyler Show gets press!

Check out an interview with Potent's own Roxsy Tyler on Monsters From the Basement. They have a variety of interviews with horror hosts and scream queens of the past and present. Monsters from the Basement Interview
Nov 29 2010.

Friend of Potent gets press!

Laura Lynn Cottrel, who portrayed the Security Guard in BOOLEY, was recently featured in the Internet smash video "Team Ra-Ras Kicks Breast Cancer" - and that video was featured in the Philadelphia Metro paper. You can see Laura Lynn in the pic included with the story. Metro Story
And if you want to help out, click this link and check out the video!
Dec 9 2010.

Check out the new Potent Pictures music video! and PRESS!

For an original song by Mr. Potent, 'Demon Feeder'
For the first time, you can experience the video in HI-DEFINITION!
Also, our friends over the Philly Horror Examiner have a short story up about Chris and the video. Check it out HERE
Dec 20 2010.

Happy New Year! And more DEMON FEEDER press!

Happy New Year to all the Potent fans.
It is our hope that 2011 is the year of BOOLEY reaching a mass audience, and the start of our next terror tale, which we will be revealing soon...
In the meantime, DEMON FEEDER has been making the rounds, picking up momentum and press. Here is a story on it from Terror Beyond the Daves
Jan 4 2011.

HORRORHOUND! This weekend! Indianapolis!

Roxsy Tyler and Mr. Potent are official guests at Horrorhound for the horror hosting event Tribute to Zacherley! Horrorhound Weekend Indianapolis, IN March 25th to the 27th, 2011.
Horrorhound Weekend
Jan 18 2011.

Roxsy Tyler is all over the internet! More press

Monster Island Resort is using the month of January to celebrate the large rise in horror hosting programs.
In the most recent episode, Roxsy Tyler discusses that rise in horror hosting programs on the Internet, going to conventions,and the difference between horror of yesteryear against horror films of today.
Listen to Roxsy!
Jan 25 2011.

BOOLEY gets reviewed! Positively!

Please read this excellent review of BOOLEY from Scott Ruth of the Horror Examiner: Booley review
Feb 7 2011.

New Interviews with the Potent crew.

BOOLEY wins an award!
The National Horror Examiner awards!

Also, a rare interview with Carmela Hayslett, the face behind Roxsy Tyler, on Facebook:
Thom Futrell interview with Carmela
Mar 11 2011.

Mr Potent is super-busy! The debut of BEHIND THE LENS and a new music video!

Mr. Potent has been busy with some side projects while we continue to shop BOOLEY and prep...the next Potent film.

Check out the new music video from Potent Pictures, The New Music Video - I just wanna...

And also, watch the first episode of the new Potent Pictures video series, BEHIND THE LENS. Mr. Potent takes you inside the world of Potent Pictures, features short films, music videos, and interviews with people in the world of entertainment and independent filmmaking.
The first guest is acclaimed actor Christopher Mann.
Feb 26 2011.

Stop by and see MR. POTENT and ROXSY TYLER at MonsterMania con this weekend!

If you are in the Philly/South Jersey area this upcoming weekend 3/11/11-3/13/11, be sure to stop by the Monster Mania convention at the New Jersey Crowne Plaza Hotel and say hello to the Potent Crew!
Roxsy Tyler will be there in the flesh, as well as Mr. Potent and some other Potent friends. It is sure to be a good time - this convention is also featuring Ace Frehley from KISS and actors from "the Walking Dead", as well as a personal favorite of mine, Dina Meyer.
Check out the official site here: Monster Mania site.
Mar 11 2011.

Curious about RED STATE? One of us saw it!

So, Kevin Smith made a horror movie...and John Kent went up to Boston to check it out. Read his review of RED STATE on his own personal blog HERE.
RED STATE is something the independent horror scene needs right now. There needs to be an alternative distribution model so that filmmakers can make money for their investors and continue to produce films. The strategy behind RED STATE is a step in that direction. Support it when it comes to your town (the wide release is in October - don't miss it! Love it or hate it, you will see few films as provocative as it this year)
Mar 11 2011.

Potent Pictures announces the newest excursion into fear from the mind of Mr. Potent - DEER CROSSING

Filming this summer...more details to come soon...
Mar 11 2011.

Funding drive for DEER CROSSING is still active!

For as little as $25, you can help Potent Pictures realize its next project, DEER CROSSING.

Through a website called Indie Go-Go, we have started a campaign to fund the next Potent Pictures film. The site is completely safe - and your money will not be taken until enough people have contributed to reach the goal.
Mar 16 2011.

BEHIND THE LENS - Episode 3 is up now!

Go to the and check out the fourth episode of Behind the Lens! You might even see someone famous!

And make sure to watch the previous episodes if you haven't already!
Mar 16 2011.

Check out a new friend - the MONSTER CHANNEL!

Do you love horror?
Well now, you can watch it 24 hours a day online, at the Monster Channel!
Featuring the best of the modern horror hosts, and classic films from days past, The Monster Channel is here to deliver independent thrills and chills to audiences such as ours.
Check it out here:
The Monster Channel
Mar 16 2011.

Roxsy Tyler was at Monstermania!

Check out this video of Roxsy Tyler at MonsterMania!

Roxsy at MonsterMania!
Mar 22 2011.

Buy stuff! Belial, Roxsy T-Shirts, BOOLEY posters

Help Potent Pictures bring in money to pay back investors and make more movies!
The Potent Store has a fine assortment of merchandise for your buying pleasure. Check out the links to the right side of this page for more info!

Apr 19 2011.

Another FANGORIA shout out - BOOLEY is now available!

Our friends over at FANGORIA have given us more press about BOOLEY: BOOLEY on DVD

Be sure to check out daily for all your horror news.
Jun 9 2011.

BOOLEY is now an official selection of the Hoboken Film Festival!

You've been asking - how can I see BOOLEY?
Well, if you are on the East Coast, we are proud to announce that BOOLEY is an official selection of the Hoboken Film Festival.
For one showing only, you can finally witness BOOLEY on the big screen. On Saturday June 4th, at 10 pm, witness BOOLEY! Tickets are only $11.
Check out Hoboken Film Festival Site for tickets and more information. Be sure to check out the other fantastic programming at the show.
And stay tuned for some exciting information on DEER CROSSING...
May 3 2011.


In the next week or so, we will finally be offering BOOLEY for sale! A link will be listed here and in the Potent store for the DVD edition of BOOLEY.

Additionally, you have the chance to win a piece of SCREENWORN merchandise from BOOLEY! It is a very special piece of film history - the skirt that Gina Lynn wore in her role of Dakota! Gina totally rocks the skirt in BOOLEY, and you can totally win it.
Visit Friend of Potent Scott Ruth's site Dmentd Cinema for all the details: BOOLEY CONTEST
May 13 2011.

Another BOOLEY review! Get ready - he is COMING!

Booley continues his onslaught through the online horror reviewing community!
Check out this review at the
REVIEW at the
Remember, you will be able to pre-order your BOOLEY DVD soon! Keep your eyes peeled.
May 17 2011.

Support a Friend of Potent - See Cost of a Soul!

You will soon know his excellence when you see BOOLEY - but Christopher Mann, "Jack Harrington" in BOOLEY, has another film opening in theaters this weekend.
Here's a review of the film from the Philadelphia Inquirer: Cost of a Soul review by Carrie Rickey
May 20 2011.

BOOLEY IS HERE! Get your DVDs today!

Now available! Get your DVD today! (ships within two weeks).
Additionally, there was an error in the listing price - BOOLEY is only TEN DOLLARS A COPY! Sorry about that folks - sometimes these things happen. Get it today!
May 23 2011.


Go to the and check out the fourth episode of Behind the Lens! You might even see someone famous!

And make sure to watch the previous episodes if you haven't already!
Jun 9 2011.

First news on DEER CROSSING! Doug Bradley!

So, while we have been arranging to sell BOOLEY on DVD, we have also been assembling a new Potent Pictures film, DEER CROSSING.

DEER CROSSING is a hardcore story of horror that will definitely shock a few people.
In our endeavor to provide the best in film terror, we have secured the services of Mr. Doug Bradley - better known as "Pinhead" in the HELLRAISER series.
Our friends over at Fangoria broke the news - you can see more details on their site:
Fangoria article on Deer Crossing
Jun 9 2011.

Potent store reopened!

Get your BOOLEY, BELIAL, and Roxsy merchandise now!
One note for our loyal fans - the Roxsy merchandise is it's own store, so the orders for Roxsy merch and Potent Media merch cannot be combined.
Jun 30 2011.

THE BIG ONE! DEER CROSSING filming begins this weekend!

Alright...we are finally here. DEER CROSSING begins filming this weekend!

The process has been long and painful, with many roadblocks thrown in our way (go to hell, He Who Does Not Use Technology!), but we are ready to go.

We have also officially CONFIRMED Michael Madsen for the film! He will essay an essential role in the film. Along with Doug Bradley - the infamous actor behind "Pinhead" in the HELLRAISER films, this is the largest Potent Media production to date.

Watch for more announcements soon - and watch out for the DEER CROSSING!
Jul 26 2011.

Roxsy Tyler DVD now available!

It's available now in the Potent Store!
The first-ever Roxsy Tyler DVD, with a complete episode, the "Demon Feeder" music video, and bloopers! Only $5.99 plus shipping and handling.
Jul 28 2011.

One weekend of DEER CROSSING down!

An excellent weekend of shooting just passed on DEER CROSSING.

Potent Media is capturing some truly horrific images that will make audiences bear witness to the insanity that lurks inside the dark hearts of men. Look for some production photos here on the site, later this week.
Aug 1 2011.

URGENT UPDATE: Madsen, Monster Mania, and DEER CROSSING

Unfortunately, Potent Media is sad to announce that Michael Madsen will not be appearing in DEER CROSSING, or appearing with us at Monster Mania this upcoming weekend.

Regardless of these unfortunate circumstances, Potent Media will still be appearing at Monster Mania with a roster of our stars, including Tom Detrik, Laura Lynn Cottrel, Christopher Mann, and Carmela "Roxsy Tyler" Hayslett.
We will have DVDs available from the Potent catalog - if you've been holding out, now is the time to buy your copies of BOOLEY and BELIAL, as well as the first-ever Roxsy Tyler's Carnival of Horrors DVD.

Watch this space for an announcement about further DEER CROSSING casting.
Aug 2 2011.

The word is out! DEER CROSSING coverage on Fangoria

Fangoria reports in first with EXCLUSIVE pics from DEER CROSSING.

Check it out!
Fangoria DEER CROSSING article
Aug 3 2011.

More Potent Media Coverage, in the South Jersey Sun!

We were lucky enough to have an interview with the South Jersey Sun last week - check it out here:
SJS article
Aug 17 2011.


So, this Friday 8/26/11, please listen to Preston and Steve on WMMR radio in Philadelphia for an exclusive interview with the new actor we have added to DEER CROSSING - Mr. Ernie Hudson!

Monster Mania was fantastic, and I want to thank all of the friends of Potent who came by the table and met our great actors and stars (especially those who purchased BOOLEY). I also want to thank our great stars who anchored the table and met their public. When DEER CROSSING is released, kudos will follow.

I'll let Fangoria and Dan Gross do the talking on the big news: Fangoria article about Madsen and Hudson.
Dan Gross has a scoop about filming!
More on Deer Crossing in Philly
Aug 24 2011.

Ernie Hudson done - this weekend, DOUG BRADLEY!

DEER CROSSING is chugging along...
Horror story on Ernie in Deer Crossing

And from the Gorehound:
Gorehound posts the teaser

And we were on Preston and Steve - link to the story coming soon.
Mr. Hudson was a consummate professional, and we miss him already.
This upcoming weekend we have Mr. Doug Bradley with us on set. Fingers crossed for good weather and more excellent footage to help complete DEER CROSSING!
Aug 30 2011.

Another one down!

Potent Media knocked out another weekend of DEER CROSSING over the holiday, featuring all of the Potent stars and Mr. Doug Bradley!
Doug was a consummate professional, and has a wicked sense of humor.
Send him birthday wishes today on his official Facebook page!

But enough about Doug - here's LINKS:
Listen to Ernie Hudson and Mr. Potent on the Preston and Steve Show!

More Fango Coverage

DC article on

A big article by Roxsy Tyler herself concerning DC and the horror host connection.

Only four more days of filming - then the real work begins!
Sep 7 2011.

TWO MORE DAYS!!! and a Roxsy link.

Another interview with Roxsy about Deer Crossing and horror hosting!

Another great weekend of filming. Special thanks to Tina-Desiree Berg for coming out from Potent West to appear in DEER CROSSING. My heart is still recovering!
With only two more shooting days left before DEER CROSSING enters the editing process full steam, only one question remains: have you bought your BOOLEY DVD yet? On sale now, right here, on!
Sep 14 2011.

More with Roxsy!

Another interview with Roxsy!

Sep 21 2011.

DEER CROSSING wraps! What's next?

DEER CROSSING is wrapped for principal photography! (noises of applause)

Thanks to all of the cast, crew, investors, and supporters that have allowed us to make this picture a reality.
The work isn't over - there is still a ton of paperwork to complete, editing, special effects, and so on...but part of the journey is complete.
So, what next?
Watch this space for updates on Deer Crossing - and our Facebook for Deer Crossing, where you can see production photos and stills.
Details about the official wrap party and the debut of the trailer will be coming soon.

And maybe, an announcement about the next Potent Media project...
Sep 26 2011.

More press with the Potent crew

Another interview with Roxsy!

And Mr. Potent himself got in on the act in an interview with Sinedelphia: Read what Mr. Potent has to say.

And Daily Grindhouse has some DC coverage: Daily Grindhouse coverage
Oct 10 2011.

Interview with Friend of Potent Doug Bradley!

Check out this interview with Doug Bradley on another Potent friend site, the Daily Grindhouse. he even mentions Deer Crossing!:
Oct 21 2011.

Double story! Roxsy and Tina-Desiree are CULT GODDESSES!

Congrats to two members - Tina-Desiree Berg AKA Potent West, and Roxsy Tyler - of the Potent family for scoring the covers of Cult Goddess Magazine!

Cult Goddess magazine online.
Click the link and click the covers and read up on two of the fave ladies in the Potent universe. (and Sybil Danning - but she hasn't been in a Potent film. Yet.)
Oct 24 2011.

EXCLUSIVE trailer reveal for DEER CROSSING!

The first trailer for DEER CROSSING is ready, and jump over to our friends at JoBlo:
JoBlo trailer link
Oct 31 2011.

Support one of the Potent Family (if you are in New York) - See IN THE FAMILY

Potent Media isn't the only group out there trying to make films!
Check out information on IN THE FAMILY - starring Sebastian Brodziak, who plays Young Cole in DEER CROSSING.
In the Family review
Nov 7 2011.

Want to come to the DEER CROSSING wrap party? Details here!

The information for the Deer Crossing wrap party/Potent fundraiser has been set!
Come out to Curran's Irish Inn on Street Road on 11/20/11 - $30 at the door - for three hours of drinking and fun with the Potent Crew!

Info about the wrap party!
Nov 7 2011.

Cult Goddesses does a full THE WOMEN OF DEER CROSSING article!

Potent has received a large dose of coverage from Cult Goddesses magazine!
For the first time, you don't just get one Potent star, or two - but five Potent stars in one magazine. Enjoy!

Link to Cult Goddesses magazine!
Nov 17 2011.

DEER CROSSING wrap party/beef and beer is TODAY!

If you are in the Philadelphia area today, come by Curran's Irish Inn on Street Road - 3 pm till 6 pm - and party with Potent Media! $30 at the door.
Nov 20 2011.

Potent News - Deer Crossing secures a sales agent!

Hot off the press from the Potent Media Beef and Beer last night - Deer Crossing has secured the services of a California sales agent!

This will allow Deer Crossing a greater chance of success in the marketplace by utilizing an entity that already has contacts in the industry.
Also, if things work out properly, you might be reading about Deer Crossing 2 and 3 on this site in the near future!
Nov 21 2011.

First-ever interview with Mr. Potent and Roxsy - at the same time!

The press tour leading up to the unveiling of DEER CROSSING continues.
Our friends over at have an interview with Roxsy and Mr. Potent that gives a little more on DEER CROSSING and the "secret origin" of Chris Grillo becoming Mr. Potent.

Nov 28 2011.

New items in the Potent Store!

Get your Roxsy Tyler shirts, Deer Crossing shirts, and more in the Potent store!

Don't let me stop you! Get your stuff now!
Dec 2 2011.

Muzzy got his shirt - did you?

Smiley face
You don't know Muzzy yet, but you won't be able to forget him once you see DEER CROSSING. While you are waiting, why not jump over to the Potent Media store and pick up a shirt of your own?
Dec 7 2011.

Vote for Roxsy Tyler in the Last Rites poll!

Roxsy Tyler is up for Gore Hunny of the Year!

The Poll!
You can vote every day - don't be stingy!
Dec 12 2011.

Ernie Hudson talks DEER CROSSING at Horrorhound Weekend!

Ernie Hudson, one of the featured names ("as Captain Bailey") in DEER CROSSING actually discussed the movie at Horrorhound Weekend!
The panel was a good one, but if you just want to hear him talk about DEER CROSSING, jump to the 38 minute mark and listen to the end.

Video from Horrorhound Weekend
It's great to hear a real actor talk about the process of getting roles and how it is just another job to have.
Dec 12 2011.

The first cut of DEER CROSSING is done! Now what?

I'm proud to say that the first cut of DEER CROSSING has been completed!
So, I know your next question - when can we see the movie? The first screening for cast and crew and special friends of Potent is tentatively scheduled for January. Keep your eyes on the Potent Facebook for more details.
In the coming days, we're going to be integrating our social media presence with this site, including exclusive content available only on our network.
Big plans in the works for Potent projects in 2012. Keep your eyes on this space for more details!
Dec 12 2011.

DEER CROSSING East Coast Screening! & Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all the Potent fans out there.

Finally! DEER CROSSING - the film that warns "some lines shouldn't be crossed" - is ready to introduce you to horrors of Carvin County.

The first screening for cast, crew, supporters, and friends will take place at the Radisson Hotel in Trevose PA on Saturday, January 28th, 2012. Doors open at five PM, with the film to begin promptly at six PM.
There is no reserve seating, and no advance ticket sales - so show up early to guarantee yourself a seat.
We're happy to be able to bring this screening to you at the low, low price of $7 per person.
Potent Media wants to remind you that DEER CROSSING is easily an R-rated film, so while we will admit persons under 17 with parents in attendance, we aren't recommending that you bring the kiddies.
The Potent Media merchandise table will be in full effect, with DVDs of previous Potent productions, shirts, posters and more.
Many stars of Potent Media projects will be in attendance - before you ask, probably not Doug Bradley or Ernie Hudson - but you never know!

Once the film has finished screening, we ask you to stick around for a brief question and answer session, as well as a special survey asking your opinions on the film. Your feedback is important!
When we are finished with business, the party begins! There is a bar in the hotel where we'll party until they kick us out.
And if you need somewhere to stay, the hotel will be glad to accommodate you.

The Radisson Trevose is easily accessible from Route 95.

Radisson Hotel Philadelphia Northeast
2400 Old Lincoln Highway
Trevose, PA 19053
Jan 4 2012.

DEER CROSSING Screening aftermath!

It went well! People liked it.
What's next? We have a sales agent setting up things out in California, so watch this space for further developments!
Feb 17 2012.

Roxsy interview! Celebrate Women in Horror Month!

Check out this interview with Bad Ronald and our own Roxsy Tyler: Bad Ronald article
Feb 17 2012.

ROXSY news - part of a new book by women in horror!

Roxsy Tyler is one of many contributors to "Have a Heart", a new cookbook featuring recipes, art, and poetry from women in horror.
Every book sold helps to benefit "Get Safe", a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing real life horrors such as rape & domestic violence.
"Have a Heart" book link
Feb 29 2012.

There's a Monster Mania this weekend!

In Cherry Hill NJ this weekend, fans of horror will be converging on the MONSTER MANIA convention!

Potent Media doesn't have a table at this show, but Mr. Potent and Roxsy should be making an appearance some time this weekend at the show. Ask them about DEER CROSSING and XYPERIOZ!
Check out the full roster of guests, including Robert Englund and Taylor Negron, at the MonsterMania site
Mar 8 2012.

Interview with Roxsy!

Roxsy Tyler talks Deer Crossing, The Giant Rubber Monster Movie, and lingerie with the Dolls of Despair for

MonsterMania site
Mar 12 2012.

New Potent Media short film - THE REALIGNMENT OF TAVISH!

Check it out!
Starring Tom Detrik, KJ Linhein, Bonnie Loev, Chuck Maher, and Roxsy Tyler herself, Carmela Hayslett!

Apr 4 2012.

New from Potent Media - first news on ELIZA'S DIARY

Check out this story from Horror Society about the new Potent Media short, ELIZA'S DIARY:

Story on Horror Society
Apr 16 2012.

ELIZA'S DIARY completes principal photography - but you can help finish it!

Carmela Hayslett AKA Roxsy Tyler has finished the filming on her new short, ELIZA'S DIARY!
However, she needs your help! To complete the fx on the film, she is taking donations which will get you a copy of the DVD of the short and allow it to be completed.

See the details here.
Support indie film-making and help out today!
Apr 20 2012.

The Dolls of Despair think...

Mr. Potent himself, Christian Grillo, is the Delicious Dude of the Week!

Read the story here.

May 2 2012.

Want to see ELIZA'S DIARY?

If you are in the Philadelphia area on Saturday June 2nd, maybe for Wizard World Philadelphia, and you want to see some fine independent short films including the all-new ELIZA'S DIARY (written and directed by Roxsy Tyler herself, Carmela Hayslett), you need to be at the International House in Philadelphia!

Contact Andy on Facebook for information on how to get tickets to the event.
May 15 2012.

Critical Praise for ELIZA'S DIARY

Read the review!

We'd like to add that the excellent digital effects were pulled off, as usual, by our FX ace David Gechman. If you need FX work for your film, get his contact info at his website.
Jun 13 2012.

Announcing DEER CROSSING 2

Fangoria breaks the news!

Check it out. Updates to come...
Jun 22 2012.

BOOLEY reviewed!

A new review of BOOLEY!

Check it out.
Jul 11 2012.

DEER CROSSING release date!

Potent Media is proud to announce that DEER CROSSING will be available for purchase to the public on 9/25/12!
More information, such as outlets to support, coming soon!
Jul 30 2012.

Roxsy Tyler gets role in new film! BLOOD SLAUGHTER MASSACRE

Check it out over on Horror Society!
Aug 3 2012.


Now available from Movies Unlimited! Pre-order a copy today. More outlets announced soon.
Aug 15 2012.

Horror Society gets a sneak peek at DEER CROSSING!

Our friends over at Horror Society have an exclusive story about a sneak peek of DEER CROSSING, in anticipation of the release to DVD next month.
Check it out here.
Aug 23 2012.

More kudos for ELIZA'S DIARY!

CHECK IT OUT! A review of Eliza's Diary, created by Potent Media.

Sep 5 2012.


Blockbuster Video across the nation has it.
Our sales ranking on has been going up.
Walmarts in Canada are carrying the film.
Have you ordered your copy yet? We recommend Movies Unlimited if you just can't wait. But we will have copies when you see Potent Media at East Coast conventions in upcoming months.
Sep 25 2012.

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